You left out one important part: Microsoft doesn’t deserve the money.

There are bugs in the Office products since well before they were one big suite; paragraph styles in Word, for example. Instead of fixing these bugs, and they are not difficult ones, Microsoft piles on new features nobody cares about, rearranges existing interfaces to create an appearance of something new, and corporate buyers dutifully buy in, thinking they’re getting the latest and greatest. Really there has been no need for upgrades in 20 years.

I worked there six times, exactly half of 1989–2009, and watched a great company turn into a tyrannical one, saw the greatness evaporate like a puddle in the tropical sun. Very few people there know how to write software, a lot fewer know how to manage developers, and their embrace of the stupidest fads in software like TDD shows that they are adrift and unmoored.

I returned from my father’s funeral to a grotesque series of meetings whose objective was my resignation (why not just fire me?) so when the first-ever layoffs came the numbers would be lower. I suffered psychiatric damage from pair programming and am happy to report that the manager who made me do that is dead.

I have to use Windows and Visual Studio for my work but I do have a nice Mac and I am going to start using it more.

If people weren’t. So squirrelly about trying new things, the Redmond campus would be a public park. But it would still be better for the world if it was a landfill.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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