You are, if I may coin a phrase, preaching to the choir.

If you go back another generation you had an America where anyone with a job could walk into a bank and get a mortgage and realize the dream of owning his own home. Anyone white, that is.

I am aware of the desperation and despair of the American people. But I have also been following our politics since and before my first vote in ’72 and it’s very rare indeed that people have voted against a preposterous lie.

I have a cousin in the meat-packing area of Iowa where few jobs pay in double digits per hour. And a lot of people can’t find work. He’s a good guy; he knows the Mexicans are getting the jobs because they’re more skilled with knives and doesn’t go into red-faced racist rants. He voted for Trump on the jobs promises. He regrets his vote now.

Look, I would do freakin’ cartwheels if I was wrong about all this, really I would, I think Sanders would be a good president until his ticker popped as it likely would very soon. I desperately want action on global extinction(screw “climate change”), I want the conservative lunatics in mental institutions and jails, my politics are closer aligned with him than with anyone else, but I’ve never seen Americans vote their self-interest or rationally. Do you have any idea how disgusted I was to see W reelected?

The “Bernie” cult is already saying they’ll get Trump reelected if he doesn’t get the nomination. That’s freaking irrational too.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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