Working with jagged and cluttered code is never easy and it's consistently jagged and cluttered it's that much harder. And most developers don't take any trouble to make their code readable; they regard legibility as effete, like those Victorian doctors who didn't wash their hands between surgeries before Lister.

My own code is extremely easy to read, almost tabular, and while I have never once heard anyone say it was hard to read I have had many tell me, often though clenched teeth, that they weren't going to follow my example.

I'm not going to convince you and you sure as hell aren't going to convince me.

As for having code to "show off" I have 32 years of achievement, experience, and wisdom to support my skills. Do you use the SQL Server Management Console? I wrote the original version, singlehandedly, less than three years into being a developer. It was the very first C++ project at Microsoft and I had to use the Zortech compiler because Microsoft was years away from Visual C++.

I get jobs just fine, and while I do have a repo of my own I've never shown it to anyone. They're not getting my social networking passwords either. And I don’t balance a beach ball on my nose and I stopped doing whiteboard interviews ten years ago. If they think I managed to get through three decades of major responsibility without knowing how to code then they can hire some gamer from Bangalore.

Lately I am doing more technical writing than coding, because the industry has gone to shit with the methodologies, the bizarre nomenclature, and the nutty emphasis on testing. And I can quit anytime I like, and I will rather than work with gamers or scrum.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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