When I first worked in software everyone from the CEO (Gates) on down had at least at some time had written code, met deadlines, and been given unreasonable deadlines. Now hardly anyone above dev lead has ever had anything to do with code, which is why we get instructions loaded with untranslatable buzz. What the hell does "reaching out" even mean?

I haven't worked onsite for ten years now and never will again; I still write software but it's a lot easier to get technical writing work when you live 14 time zones away,

However, we differ on specs. At many a company I wrote the first design document they had ever seen and it doesn't take too many arguments with clients about what they think they asked for and what I delivered to reach the point where at least a requirements spec is non-negotiable.

Nobody reads them? That's a problem. But not limited to specs. Does anyone do real code reviews? No, they come to a meeting straight from the printer and quibble over formatting. That's bullshit. And don't get me started on pull requests.

I have another article on the way where I talk about all this stuff, responsibilities that most developers and others shirk because their foreground work is more fun.

I don't need meetings to write these things; I can start with a verbal outline and go from there, asking lots of questions to refine it. And since I need to understand it before I can write it, I anticipate those discoveries that would otherwise waste time with redesign or what the kids call "refactoring."

Yes the design will change as requirements change midstream, but that's what revision-marking is for.

ONE meeting maybe to take questions about the spec, and even that is better done in group email. Which we read and answer at a time of our choosing, not for two hours every Tuesday at 2PM.

As for code reviews, I read every commit, including those outside my area, unless I'm working on something as big as an operating system. And I often check out the branch and match the changes to the references. I don't just click approve.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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