Well your linguistic subcommunity horseshit doesn't explain away the fact that this "reclaimed" word is what many gay people have had shouted at them as they were beaten, disfigured, maimed, or murdered. So fuck you.

And "linguistic subcommunity" is a violently misguided notion. You don't get to change the meanings of words to match your selected enclave fetalization. The purpose of language is communication and for communication to work we need to agree on meanings. The word wasn't in some "linguistic subcommunity," it was in the very title of an article linked in my browser.

I'm sure I know a lot more about linguistics than you; I speak four languages, live my life in one of the oddest of tongues, and learned Russian at 13. I teach English in Vietnam and am well aware of differences in meanings between the English in other countries.

And the suggestion that one of the very most vile slurs in English is in some way acceptable is absolutely loathsome.

As it happens I did read the article, skimmed it anyway, and there was very little there. Anne Frank referred to wanting a "girlfriend," Mädchenfreund, which is not a term of sexual intimacy. She died at 14, she was almost certainly prepubescent when she wrote that in her diary, and the author has a lot of fucking gall user her memory to make tiresome point. I'm glad I only skimmed, it wasn't ever worth that much time.

But the title was all I needed. You go ahead and call yourself "queer." Be sure to raise your voice a little, and spin around to see who's impressed.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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