This pronoun foppery is a leading indicator of just how far American social discourse has strayed. As if we don't have enough divisions already we are now expected to distinguish between "cis" and "trans," borrowing from aromatic organic chemistry, when in reality authentically trans people comprise one in 30,000. And we are expected to bifurcate the language for something that authentic trans people don't even want; this stuff is driven by cosplayers, not transsexuals.. I've known several authentic transsexuals, dated two of them, and none of them wanted this crap. They wanted to be referred to as "he" until after gender reassignment surgery.

Craziest part of all this is that these pronouns aren't how people prefer to be addressed, but how they want to be referred to ... when they're not around to hear it.

And anyone who expects me to refer to a single person as "they" goes straight to my ignore list.

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