The Danger of Another Trump

The next one might not be so stupid.

I think that what we are seeing with Trump is the same as with Sarah Palin; a deeply vile person being viewed as a strategic genius because of rare insights into how to motivate vile people, which the United States has in abundance.

This is wrong. Neither Trump nor Palin is any kind of genius, neither has any special insights. Both are of normal intelligence if not below, or well below. But they appear to have insights because their understanding in motivating vile people comes from being vile people themselves.

Whatever arouses Trump (or Palin) also arouses the kind of people who would base votes on cruelty and bigotry; in plain language, they vote for people who hate the same people they do. Liberals, gays, environmentalists, racial minorities.

The only reason things in the USA are not very much worse is because Trump is so limited. He is limited in his intellect, in his expressive ability, and so grasping in his need for attention and admiration that he is incapable of thinking strategically, incapable of planning.

Next time we may not be so lucky. The next one could easily be every bit as vile but also have some actual cunning, some knowledge, an ability to think ahead. And the road has already been paved for him; we have a weak and compliant press, we have a history now of horrible deeds going unpunished, I struggle not to use the hackneyed term “normalized” but it’s hard to avoid.

And the next person will have no moral qualms about ordering executions and will not shrink from tyranny.

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