Thanks for reading my article. I’m astounded how much attention these two are getting, I guess I wasn’t mistaken that I’m not the only one who had a lot of problems with Git.

Don’t use Git Desktop. I presume you’re using Windows, a statistically defensible presumption, and at least the Windows version has tons of bugs. The issues I wrote about in my articles withe reverse merges, new work discarded, happened most to the one guy in our group who was using GD. Many time I saw it skip files that I had changed. We ended up using Visual Studio’s management of Git, it works pretty well, but I do think everyone should know how to use the command line.

A few examples ..

git status

shows you all your changed files

git fetch — prune

refreshes your local list of branches in the repository, you need this if you’re using visual studio, otherwise the list your see of repository branches won’t be current.

You should read the documentation for git checkout, you’ll be using that one a lot.

My article was motivated by working with a complete fucking idiot my former company hired to be a dev lead; he was supposed to be a liaison with the CEO and a coder and he sucked at both. I once watched him checking in a feature I had finished, tested, ready to go, and between my feature branch and what went into master he created FIVE intermediate branches, each with another 2–3 lines of code. So … compulsive. And he couldn’t handle the fact that I was way better than him at C#, ignored my suggestions and instead put on this hurt-feelings act that had both of us quitting. Anyway.

We all have had a lot of problems with commiting some work and getting a list of merge conflicts, that’s a major tine-consuming headache and my Git articles are mostly about strategies to avoid that. Most people spawn new branches like a forest full of rabbits with infinite food and no predators. I say keep them to a minimum.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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