Starting about 40 years ago popular music makes no sense to me at all, and most of what I hear if I take out my earbuds makes me physically ill. That's not an exaggeration to make a point, I mean it sickens me, beginning with my mood and progressing from there.. Headaches, pulse pounding in my ears.

Right now my gym is playing some song pretty much on rotation; in a one hour workout I will hear it six or eight times. It's nothing but a woman singing up and down a D minor scale, D to A and back, over and over. Not even verses and choruses, not even anything you could call a melody. D E F G A-A G F E D E F G A G. I need to wear noise cancellers playing hour long Noise tracks just to not have any silences it could bleed through.

Without this soul-destroying trash I would probably be playing classical. I live in the tropics, we don't have COVID and we don't have seasons. My musical tastes outside the house are based solely on NOT hearing what comes from overhead

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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