Some people work better alone, whatever you want to call us. And I am in no way a bad programmer, I am fine with mentoring juniors but meetings bore me and I would rather work with other people who are senior enough to own their components. Just not a social programmer and would be miserable trying to act like one. Not interested in games, sports, television, pop stars,or the rest of the things kids talk about. Don’t drink alcohol, so why would I want to be a social programmer?

I’m someone managers can count on, I document my work, I write all functional specs and user documentation, I am, other than a preference for working alone, nothing like your lone wolf. And I hate jargon and corpspeak. Noise-cancelling headphones, lights off, go away and let me work.

And I hate fads like agile and TDD.

I would rather be homeless than pair program ever again. Worst hours of my entire life. Ugh. Disgusting.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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