Re: "refactoring" and "technical debt". It's not the actions I don't like it's the nomenclature.

If I hear refactoring ten times it has eight different meanings. It was used to beat me over the head when I reformatted a bunch of illegible code into readability.

Technical debt is just unfinished work. Why not call it that? 'Cept I need neither because my lifelong habit is to do it right the first time. Nothing to return to later and complete. But the kids are all ga-ga about unit tests and think testing is more important than coding; no surprise since they've grown up on channel-surfing and games.

They can't concentrate.

They write crap code because they have the attention span of goldfish and make up for it writing inefficient test code.

I reject your choice of words, "preferences." I saw the last of the halcyon days of software where leaving us uninterrupted was a manager's prime objective. That is completely gone. Now it's two or three recurring meetings per day.

Scrum feels to me like chess players doing their moves out a book of classic games instead of actually playing. Going through the motions. I had to attend the ceremonial meetings because I was on the "team" even though nobody was dependent on my work nor was I dependent on theirs, but my half hour commute became a 90 minute commute to attend this bullshit.

And yes I am angry that the industry I once loved has gotten so goddamn stupid. "Stories" (spits)

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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