Out of the park as usual, Steve. You’ve put your finger on an issue which increasingly trouble me, the compulsive tendency to shoehorn so much into a few canned narratives.

There is no shortage of authentic bigotry in America or in the world; we should not to contrive it nor use it to embellish a story. If it needs to be inferred then it probably doesn’t merit mention. Long had an addiction to sexual stimulation. He had been kicked out of his parents’ house (pause) the day before. He was a fundamentalist who regarded impure thoughts as a sin but was helpless to resist them.

The story might not have gotten the advertising-driving clicks without the racism angle.

I wrote an article on here about an aggressively mediocre software developer I had to work with; one of the things that made the experience so painful was his painfully loud voice on zoom and his sloppy pronunciation. I never mentioned that he was Indian though anyone who’s worked in software certainly recognized the syndrome of unpleasantness. The article by itself made me enough money for three new synthesizers but it also got me a lot of accusations of bigotry. Which was untrue. The developer’s incompletely mastered English was like his shoddy work and shoddy teamwork. But many felt compelled to shoehorn this into the racist rant.

This is a fashion right now.

I knew Wendy Carlos as Walter for decades but f I pause to make sure I use the feminine pronoun then I’m transmisic.

This is a fashion right now.

By the way, you use “media” as though a singular; its’s plural. The media are. The name of this site is the singular.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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