Of course he was Indian. He had terrible BO (this was 1990; the next year MS cracked down on this) and he smoked. But his code was a candidate for one of those worst-code joke contests.

To be fair, the two best managers I have ever had were both India and I have worked with some stellar Indian developers.

But they were the exceptions. The ethic that most Indians bring to their work is get do the absolute least they can get away with doing. In everything. That's why their code is impossible to read, that's why they learn English just barely well enough to be understood and no better, with incorrect verb conjugations and always accenting the wrong syllables of easy words.

But his code was freakishly bad. I'm surprised it even compiled.

One of my Indian coworkers at Microsoft told me How It Is; the body shops like Tata take some kid, tell him to grow a mustache, he's never used a computer before but they give him a six-week course in C# (probably JavaScript now) and then bill him out as a "senior software engineer." He has no experience and no insight and his work is garbage but Tata gets their cash.

By the way "leftist" isn't the right formulation. You mean Social Justice Warriors, the ones with the pronoun pairs ("they/them") in their profiles. As a real leftist, I completely disown them. They make me sick.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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