Not many rock stars play the mandolin. And a closeup of a beard isn’t a great way to start the day. Ugh.

Your opener describes me at my last job. Very fast-working, rock-solid reliable code, but forget the meetings because we were a distributed team and if we had more than the weekly recurring I would have pushed back hard. I call meetings interruptions and I want as few of them as possible.

There’s a downside to being a superior developer; company hired a dev lead who sucked at both his liaison and coding responsibilities but he talked a good line (Agile Newspeak, mostly) and the boss was too busy with business and baby to notice. This lead’s code was at the level of a Bangalore Six-Week Wonder (you know, the “senior software engineer” who’s never done a project) and he was too insecure and immature to deal with the fact that a guy with a tenth his C# experience wrote vastly better code. I had to fix everything he checked in, for example replacing a six-level LINQ statement with a single .Any().

The browser guy quit in disgust, I followed within a month. Now their site is loaded with bugs. Way to go.

I don’t want to be a rock star. I just want my managers to know they can count on me. If I say I will Do It, their minds turn to other things because It is under control. That’s all I want.

Besides, rock has been dead for forty years.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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