No, you never suggested that 3rd party testing should be eliminated, but your view is part of a syndrome of new and mostly bad ideas so it’s not at all unreasonable for me to presume that they all come together; the the unit tests comprise the design, that developers are solely responsible for testing their own work (a presumption I regard as 100% batshit), that 100% coverage is a responsibility.

You write with a snide and unwarranted sneer that in the past we didn’t test at all. That’s bullshit. If I don’t test my own work and my boss finds bugs in core functionality it makes me look stupid and I don’t like looking stupid because I’m not stupid.

Your closing comment about teams was uncalled-for. I wouldn’t like to work with you either because your doctrinaire and “dutiful” kind of thinking is annoying to me. On my last gig at Microsoft I had a guy working with me on a very small project who fumed and fumed and fumed because my code didn’t look exactly like the “team coding standard”; he created a class factory to create objects to process keystrokes when neither was needed, all it needed was a switch-case. But for him The Team Is All, whatever; since The Team creates class factories, he had to create them too. Since The Team had an utterly illegible coding standard I was supposed to follow it too. I would not have been able to read my own work.

I’m not big on teams. This is software development, it’s not sports.

Note I don’t call it software engineering, because engineers are more rigorous than this, you don’t see collaborating electrical engineers comeing up with Personal Blueprint Styles that nobody else can read. And they have guidelines for testing, not stupid fads like TDD.

I mostly work solo. I collaborate at a very high level and “own” large components like suites of servers and database schema; I get it in contracts that nobody else touches my code unless I am in the hospital and unavailable a long time. My work is in intensive care wards in hospitals, in every SQL Server administrator’s tools, in Windows Media Player.

I don’t mind mentoring junior people, I have a lot to impart to them, but I don’t like working with them because they slow me down.

So I probably wouldn’t enjoy being on your “team” either.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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