No, what you said is incorrect. The use of they as a singular has been controversial since Chaucer and the controversy isn’t over just because of some contemporary fad.

He could have used a plural subject.

He could have used the generic “he,” which was fine until a few “womyn” decided to make an issue out of it. Change it to generic she and I don’t care, as long as we use one or the other.

And we already have a third person singular gender-neutral pronoun: “it.” Just “reclaim” that. I use it for a lot of conservatives, starting with Palin. What’s the problem.

99% of the time people use the singular they the gender is actually known. It’s just lazy unplanned speech, I learned Russian at 13, I had to plan gender, declension, conjugation before each utterance. Same with German and Italian, even Spanish. El problema despite the -a. I live my life in Vietnamese, which doesn’t even have pronouns at all.

“Someone called me last night about insurance and they asked a lot of personal questions”

Wait, you talked to a person or a committee?

“A person”

Was it a man or a woman?

“It was a man”

Then why do you “they” instead of “he?”

“(sniff) I prefer gender-neutral language

Don’t call me anymore. Bye.

Zum Beispiel:

I think it’s reasonable for an adult to think before speaking his own language.

I think it’s reasonable for adults to think before speaking their own language.

Now is that so hard?

I find the singular they jarring and if I see it on a résumé then it goes in the trash.

As for your TV show, show me a “non-binary” and I’ll show you an attention whore. FTR I’m a gay man (XY chromosomes, penis & testicles), I’ve dated three genuine transexuals (scheduled for reassignment surgery) and knew a person of ambiguous gender, and none repeat none say-it-again NONE of them ever said a word about pronouns. They had more pressing concerns, you see.

People can dress however they like, put on whatever airs they like, return the conversation to their impersonations all they like, but leave my goddamn language alone.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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