No. It’s not our job.

Microsoft used to see the developer career path as leading to leaving coding for management and marketing, even sending us back to college to get MBAs. I would rather be buried alive. Figuring out how to part people from their money is a completely different skill.

I started up that ladder once, managed a small team, and I was utterly miserable. I agonized over being fair and it cut into my productivity a lot; in hindsight I needed to fire the filthy lot of them. That would have kept me awake nights.

When developers left because they didn’t want to turn into suits Microsoft relented on this inevitability and allowed a different growth path, one that let us keep coding but get more into architecture and design. This is where I am (not at Microsoft, Never Again) now, heavy into working with clients and documentation, as much a database developer as a coder, and it’s a role I like.

I’d be rich from iOS apps if I had that marketing skill, I don’t. I would feel like a whore, I stopped watching TV 35 years ago mostly because I hate advertising.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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