Mixed reactions. First of all I acknowledge the essential truth here and I think your article would benefit from pointing out that the hateful on the two sides adamantly use the most extreme representatives from the other side and pronounce them mainstream. Not all Democrats are perennially outraged Social Justice Warriors with "they/them" in their social network profiles, and not all Republicans are bearded insurrectionists demanding executions.

But. What you say is less true in the Trump era than it was under former Republican presidents. In my view to still be a Republican after caged children and drilling permits in ANWR is more than I can accept. A lot of extremely conservative people decided that with Trump their consciences would no longer allow them to be members of the party, or at least to draw their line and say "no farther." George Will, William Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, Kevin Williamson for godssake.

But many, many, many more decided to hang in. Trump's indifference to suffering, his corruption, his self-absorption, these were not enough to make them leave.

I do believe that good people simply cannot coexist with such people, and no I am not talking eliminationist rhetoric here but I cannot conceiver of common ground.

On the other hand neither can I embrace everyone on my side as a comrade; I see the SJWs as rigid as the worst conservatives and as unpalatable as those in the pickup convoy who ran a Biden campaign bus off the road.

Thrice I created discussion forums for gay workplace issues seeing as I did the workplace as the frontline of equality. All three of them were taken down by transvestites whining about coming to work in drag, even when I made that topic off-limits. And in a world headed into mass extinction I have no energy to spare for controversies about bathrooms and pronouns.

I feel no more allegiance that that extreme than the other.

But. Steve, a substantial majority of Republicans believe that Trump is the rightful president, with no evidence at all. How do we simplify that?

Edit: the essence of political disagreement is debate, and debate can only work when both sides agree to the rules: logic and honesty. Republicans simply don’t.

Edit: https://www.rawstory.com/bob-steinburg/

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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