I've been doing databases since 1990; I was a founding member of the Microsoft SQL Server group and I personally wrote the original version of what is now the SQL Server Management Console.

A few jobs ago I relearned C# and, responsible for all four servers and database, learned the Code First framework. Aside from the many bugs in migration, the design is fantastic and so superior to Django that they shouldn't be in the same sentence.

I mentioned Django as another example of a poorly designed language (or extension, or whatever).

Since I don't do browsers (fullstack = master of neither) I wouldn't know the current state, but I remember VBScript and other scripting languages called from HTML. If they're gone, I neither care nor miss them. I'd rather work with a browser developer who keeps up with all that stuff than work with it myself.

And, no, I don't care much for Python. I'm learning it because I want to have a few more gigs before I really retire. I think using indentation instead of scope delimiters like curly braaces is just dumb, and most Python I've seen suffers from the same jagged and cluttered barely-legible format as most other code.

I've written in many languages, learned them alongside familiarizing with a new project, but most of my work since 1986 has been in the C family and I wrote in C itself as recently as 2017. I can write a Windows program in straight C with no frameworks to help me and even write the makefiles. Not that I would want to, mind you, but I'm in much better shape than most to figure out why something stops working or doesn't work as it should.

I can now write in JavaScript. Becoming more familiar with it made me like it less, not more. I know there is a variant (there are way too many already in the core language) that has stronger typing but I think var is an obscenity.

I like Golang (except for the end-of-line curlies requirement), I am learning Swift and Kotlin because I like mobiles work, But I will only use JS if I absolutely have to. I see no cohesion in its design, no "idiom." It's a bucket of unrelated approaches.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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