I’ll give a proper paperback-length response when I have more time, I’m only up to feed beasts and take medicines.

But while I agree on trying to reach people who have strayed on general principles, I cannot extend that charity to people who ride around in pickup truck convoys with guns. It looks like Lebanon. And having done online politicking for a quarter century, debated (polite euphemism) with thousands, I have seen exactly two come around. For all intents and purposes, that’s zero.

I gave up on them many years ago and having studied the right most of my life I wouldn’t give you a nickel for America’s future. These people have been at it over a century, people working and working hard for a grim future they know they won’t live to see, and they are winning. Our side just doesn’t have that kind of determination.

I had a few snapping points. One was Palin at the 2008 Rnc. vile, stupid, nasty women, preposterous candidate. OK she lost but then America did that “hold my beer” thing and now we have a president without a single good human quality, immature and petty, cruel and sadistic. And half the country thinks that’s great.

Another snapping point was Tamir Rice. Twelve year old kid with a toy gun, killed from five feet away by a cop who didn’t lose a day’s pay. That made me coldly angry, worse in my case than hot anger.

But I don’t have to explain that to you. I’m white.

Pleasure talking to you by the way.

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