Someone Else Has to Test Your Work Too

If you actually believe that developers should be solely or even primarily responsible for testing their own work then you are either extremely inexperienced or you have some overwhelming allegiance to a fad, probably that TDD nonsense. You clearly didn’t read my article, or elected to ignore my 32 years of experience with development.

If the part about blind spots doesn’t resonate, and resonate powerfully, viscerally, then there is no freaking way you have learned anything but recently fashionable garbage.

That second pair of eyes, preferably a lot more than second, is absolutely vital.

Blackbox testing is superior to unit testing. Blackbox testers verify against a functional spec, which you probably don’t have because you have this psychotic idea that the unit tests are the design. That is seriously muddled thinking. Or you don’t like to write documents. That’s too bad. It’s part of your job. I will turn down a client who doesn’t want a spec before I code.

Don’t dick me around framing it in terms of shirked responsibility. That dog don’t hunt.

And I know what a community is but I have no idea what community you’re trying to bludgeon me with. I work on teams with very high levels of division, typically I do the servers and databases and someone else does the browser.

By “interruptions” I was referring to open offices, pointless meetings, social programming, daily scrums, retrospectives. All this is garbage. I only work fromm home now but in offices I close my door, turn off the lights, put on he headphones playing brooding ambient music, and focus, uninterrupted for hours. It’s likely you have never experienced unbroken concentration, small wonder you need to test so much!

I test my own work. That’s just the beginning. I don’t write unit tests, they take too much time and I won’t find any bugs that way. Blind spots. For God’s sake, woman, how could you possibly not get this?!?

Read my article and stop dicking me around with “QA farms.”

Any developer over 40 thinks you guys are lunatics.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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