I worked for three years writing servers for a California startup. The CEO was managing the project but then his wife had a baby and he hired a tech lead.

The first one was a disaster. After moving us to better technologies (read: evangelizing Microsoft products) he did no work at all but went hysterical over changes we urgently needed to make, none of which would buy us anything and all of which entailed significant risk. He was clearly mentally ill and at times would lapse into calling out buzzwords without even making sentences. "Procedural language! Industry standard!"

It took the CEO two months of this to fire him, and then he hired another.

On his first day he went into a C# file and reformatted one of my functions from my obsessively neat layout to his preferred clutter. Anyone knows that reformatting others code is starting a fight; he whined that he did his work on a netbook and needed to be able to see more lines.

But it gets better.

He then said that Visual Studio had done the reformatting, despite it being only one function in the file. This was an insultingly obvious lie, and it was on his very first day on the job. He was also incompetent af and created new Git branches after two lines of code.

Both we developers ended up leaving the company, they hired some gamer to take over the servers, and last time I checked their site nothing was working. Everything was throwing 500s.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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