Welcome to Hell. Photo from Alex Kotliarskyi at Unsplash

I work in IT as a software developer and technical writer. I did some WFH long before the pandemic and exclusively since 2010. In my opinion this trend should not have awaited COVID, it should have begun as soon as the Internet was fast enough for verbal communication. I don't think video adds a lot.

Polls show that most of those who say WFH isn't working are managers with control issues; they lose sleep worrying that their employees are taking breaks. Never mind that they're more productive then before.

The software office was great 30 years ago; now it's agonizingly stressful, with constant interruptions and layer upon layer of useless process and recurring meetings. And while yes we all have friends at work, we also have to work with jerks. Take a guess which has more effect on our moods.

I moved to Vietnam after a session of pair programming left me so disenchanted with the industry that I planned to retire at 56. I was back to work in less than a year, freelancing writing for iPhones and iPads. My employers have spanned 16 time zones and that has never been an issue. My day does not begin with a wearying commute. I can listen to music without losing situational awareness to headphones, I can leave for the gym anytime. And I am not burning 4 gallons of gasoline every day.

I think a lot of managers at some future time when social distancing winds down are going to email their offsite workers that it's time to come back to the office, and that email is going to be answered with a lot of resignations and a lot of others are going to return onsite but start looking for work elsewhere.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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