I wish you people would read my other responses before all jumping onto the "racist" thing.

Actually this article began exactly as a rantand I wrote it strictly for the catharsis, expecting no more than a dozen readers. When it took off I revisited it and removed most of the angry stuff, but it looks like a few vestiges remain. This guy really pissed me off, and the more I tried to work with him, politely and professionally, the more he just pushed me off because he thought he knew it all.

I was the only native English speaking developer but all the others had taken the little extra care to be comprehensible and they were soft-spoken.

I'll leave it to you to figure out why so many companies that invested in tech support in India are pulling out and going to the Philippines.

Anyway have no fear, you won't be working with me, I almost always work solo but when I am on teams I get on great with everyone And since I am usually the backend dev I communicate with front-end people about any interface changers; if the front-end guy needs a change I drop everything and do it and work with him on integration and testing. L wanted no part of this, but hey that's my fault, right?

And by the way, it wasn't his accent. I can deal with accents. I'd better be able to, I live my life in one of the most unearthly-sounding languages in the world. One which hardly any foreigner here troubles himself to learn at all.

I went out of my way to help this guy. I wrote detailed communications to him about issues in the code, which he didn't even bother to read. And I was working at a place without specs, which I usually write.

I'm bored with writing this over and over. I was a much better teammate than L. I wrote short internal documents, I didn't yell, I was helpful and open to others' ways of doing things, except for formatting.

While I've been answering you I've gotten another 120 readers, 3 new followers, and several more claps.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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