I thought I made it pretty clear that I tried damn hard. The guy was a showboat, he was unreceptive to input. He was, to use the vernacular, a jerk. The fact that he changed the API behavior without a mention should tell you all you need to know (at Microsoft that would have gotten me one of those memorable visits by my manager and his). The fact that L wouldn’t even respond to questions was unacceptable.

But the managers on this gig, such as they were, wanted no appearance of conflict of any kind, which is a good thing in general (we do disagree, and that is good, that’s how we learn and grow) but not at this extremity.

Of course I did my own testing, as I would without any crypto, as I would even with a well-staffed and gifted QA group. But I have my own blind spots just like everyone else. I offered to get some QA here, I could hire as many as I wanted for $5/hour and they’d have done cartwheels at their good fortune; nope.

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