I remember the first time I heard someone refer to usage scenarios as "stories"; it made me furious. I said something about milk and cookies that they weren't keen on hearing. I don't want to dispute this but every reference I've ever read to TD sounded like unfinished work and if you're saying it means several things then it's an artificial ensemble of definitions.

I keep hearing that the reason people get frustrated with the methodologies is that they aren't doing them right. Not buying it. Behold the recent increase in these pages of articles talking about abandoning scrum.

Never heard of pair programming? GOOD GOD how I wish I could say the same; three hours of it led me to quit my job the next day and eleven years later spend thousands on counseling so I could stop having panic attacks from the memory. And I'm no delicate li'l flower; I'm a bodybuilder and I have been in three major car accidents that I don't think about for years at a time. It was utterly horrible.

I've been paid to code since 1988. I've see software fads come and go. I remember when Design Patterns gave rise to a ... a *cult* with dev leads carrying to the book to every meeting though never referring to it, a token of authenticity. Walking down the hall holding the tome like the Statue of Liberty. I had read a much better book by James Coplien years before, albeit limited to C++.

At least it had some use; I can say "singleton" with fewer words than I did before.

I have had nothing but unpleasantness with scrum. From having to drive an extra hour to attend the standup to conference calls in Zoom where I had to watch someone wiggle his mouse over a screen share because he thought maybe I didn't know how to spell "foreign key."

This stuff can't die out fast enough to suit me.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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