I have a lot of issues with the “trans” movement, and yes the quotes are of the sneer variety. Before I begin: I am a homosexual man, married to another of another race. I have known three transsexual men and dated two of them. None of them gave a damn about pronouns and none of them were on a crusade to recast gender as a “social construct.”

I also came out in Norfolk, VA in 1974 where the gay scene was centered on transvestites who were, nearly without exception, career parasites who lived with a succession of soon to be ex-friends from whom they stole.

The highlight of the two completions of trans- is my first issue; these are two wholly dissimilar people. The first has my support, admiration, and respect; the second, my contempt.

I would have no dog in this fight but for a few reasons; the deliberate confusion of biological and psychological definitions of gender is contemptibly sloppy and trendy. It is not some emancipatory social advance; it is a fad, and I dislike fads on principle.

The second has to do with those pronouns. The use of the plural “they” as a gender neutral singular is offensive and jarring. I’ve tried to get used to it but it just gets worse, particularly when the obvious and correct word already exists: “it,” a gender-neutral third person singular and exactly what the doctor ordered, but tainted by its application to goldfish. Funny, though, the same people who revile me for suggesting it include many who self-refer as “queer” which remains in my mind as offensive a slur as “nigger” and which I will use no more readily.

GID sufferers who qualify for reassignment surgery are one in 300,000 of the population, about 11,000 in the nation. It isn’t they pushing for revision of our very language. The ones who append “they/them” to their twitter profiles are mostly cosplayers starved for attention.

On the other hand left-handed people account for a full 5% of the population, over 6,000,000 people, and they don’t get a lot of accommodation.

The three transgenders I have known were all born men, all three were on schedule for surgery, all three referred to themselves as “he” and intended to do so until they had their surgeries.

So pardon me if I see all this as much ado about nothing. Just leave the English language alone. “They” is a plural, and it’s usage is easily avoided in grammar by using the plural throughout, and it is unneeded in social discourse.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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