I expected to be vilified by Sanders supporters for writing this.

Edit: I think the election was stolen by hacking and Republican governors. It would have probably gone to Clinton if more Sanders supporters held their noses and voted for “her.”

Also, to say Clinton “didn’t inspire” when she got three million more votes, I mean, really. Second time a Republican has become president with a minority of the vote in recent memory.

FTR, if I could appoint the president personally and circumvent the messiness of a national vote that allowed subliterates and celebrity-worshippers to cast votes, I would appoint Sanders without a moment’s hesitation. I said right in the opening that his positions are closer to my own than anyone else’s.

I do have two reservations about him

  1. his state has one of the highest ratios of black incarceration to population and he has never seen fit to say a word about it
  2. he gets a D from the NRA, which is the same as getting an A. You get a D for wanting to keep assault rifles out of the hands of blind psychotics. I want someone who would repeal the second amendment, gun nuts disgust me
  3. OK, three. His heart attack was minor but the presidency is a man-killer and he would have another before a year was out

Buttigieg appeals for his language skills; I speak a lot of languages too and I know what that does for you. But

  1. I am gay too and Buttigieg’s nonchalant reference to himself (and me) as “queer” is a total deal-breaker. I don’t care how many people call it “reclaimed.”
  2. His belief that common ground can be found between the two political poles is fairy dust. Conservatives have to be crushed.

I like Warren. I don’t care about her missteps, they will be forgotten.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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