I became an atheist one Sunday morning when I was eleven years old, after less than fifteen seconds of unrestrained thought. I had not yet encountered fundamentalism, evangelical or otherwise; I simply didn’t want to go to Sunday school.

I’ve never had misgivings and the more I learned about the faithful the more certain I was I had made the right choice. But I was never militant in my atheism; I knew that faith moved some to be better people, toward charity and kindness.

But as I go older I saw that the charitable were the few and the bigots were the many. And religion’s collision with science simply made me angrier and angrier. And after seeing American Christians viewing a man without a single redeeming quality as some sort of moral leader I just snapped.

Religion is cancer.

Religion is the vestige of some primordial impulse that no longer serves us and impedes our ability to solve the crises before us, and I have come around to believing that religion should simply be repressed. No, not by rounding up and re-educating people, but simply by forbidding its imposition on those too young to make critical decisions.

Children become Christians by having the shit scared out of them in church. The people they view as authority figures are acting so weird, standing up/sitting down/singing on command, all in the creepiest setting the children have ever known. We should have laws against that kind of indoctrination.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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