Had I been setting out to discuss the entirer range of faith, belief, and experience I might have expounded as you say. I think that certainly there is a predisposition in our species that may at one time have served a purpose; to respond with awe to great phenomena like lightning, for example, or to see faces in clouds.

But that was not my intent and I am frankly not qualified for that sort of speculation because my dismissal was at such an early age.

Much later I became interested in he earliest pre-Nicean origins of Christianity and read Iranaeus and Origin, Tertullian and Eckhart. but it was just an interest in doctrine and it never for one moment crossed my mind to become a believer. I did discover that at one significant point a young scholar named Eunomius was censured by the Cappadocian Fathers for his insistence that Christian faith be conformant with rational thought; he was not treated as a heretic but the idea that faith is above logic was formalized.

Three of my grandparents were unobservant Jews who unceremoniously became Christians, or perhaps I should say they attended Christian church because I don't remember anyone in my family being religious.

As for people going from atheism to faith, sure that happens, and probably for as many reasons as there have been conversions. The search for meaning, the fear of death.

But we are raised with the idea that religion is special, off in a realm of its own and exempt, and I rejected that very early in my life.

And that's what I chose to write about; that I wanted to go back to sleep, nd found myself in a moment of candor that I just wasn't moved as my classmates were.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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