For me the modern software industry is unrecognizable. I’m one of those people I mentioned in the Flow article; I get much more work done than most and I have far fewer bugs, so few that I can do six weeks of work without a single test, then less than an hour of manual testing and my work is ready to release. This isn’t because I’m some kind of genius, I’m not, it’s because I can concentrate, and enter “the zone.”

Until I’m interrupted.

We used to understand this, but it’s forgotten. So now when I work it’s as often as a technical writer as a software developer; I will not work under agile or scrum and anyway I now live in Vietnam so I’m not going to be attending too many morning standups.

I think if I had to attend a sprint retrospective I’d leave the room either on a stretcher or in handcuffs.

Thanks for reading my article. But if you can stand one more, please read the Magnificence of Flow. It’s frightening how many young developers thing this methodology horseshit is normal.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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