First of all thank you for your extended, detailed, and passionate response.

It might surprise you, though it shouldn’t, that I agree with everything you say. My judgment of Sanders matches your in every detail and my disgust with the Democrats probably exceeds yours. I am truly of the left, not just the higher taxes on the rich left or the let’s not wipe out the animals left, but the left that says government should be making our lives better, not just starting wars and force-feeding money to the rich.

Perhaps I didn’t say it strongly enough, so let me do that now: Sanders is my choice for president. He is a good man and his proposals are the best we are ever going to get. I despise the Republicans enough to take an ax to the filthy lot of them. The Democrats have turned into the part of corporate allegiance, though I think this is changing; I will never forget though the sight of Perez, asked what his party stands for, tongue-tied and unable to answer. That was a pivotal moment; another was Hillary Clinton’s proud assertion of her capitalism, at a time when capitalism has killed half the wildlife in the world in the previous forty years. Fuck you, “Hillary.”

But my article wasn’t about how good a man and how good a candidate Sanders is, though I took pains to say that several times; my point is in my subtitle and stated at the end of my For The Record header: I don’t think he can win, and it’s too important this time.

My first vote was in 1972 for George McGovern. He was a good man too, a lot better than Nixon (and Nixon was a vastly better man than any Republican president since, brilliant as hell, albeit flawed); McGovern was young and vigorous, and he lost, and lost badly. Until I left the USA I voted in every election, even the tiny municipal primaries, except for voting against Reagan in 1980 because while I was waiting for the bus to go vote I heard a radio announce that the election had been called for Reagan. That was the last year the networks did that.

I don’t think Sanders can win because he is so very vulnerable in the superficialities department. Americans are not an idealistic people; you are, I am, many are, but the majority are shallow and lazy and care more about celebrities than the politics that is going to directly affect their lives. And I am not talking about the MAGA vermin who would still support bigots even if those bigots’ policies led to them burying their own children. They are a lost cause, they are violently sick people.

I’m talking about the “centrists,” the “independents,” the ones so goddamn stupid that they think there is a real choice between people who live to hate and people who are sold out to corporations. I don’t like either one; the choice however could not be clearer. Indecision about party affiliation at this point is contemptible. They care more about Beyonce than they care about their own lives.

Sanders is polling pretty high right now. That doesn’t mean much. I’ve watched elections for fifty years and polls prior to nomination never mean much, if you look at previous polling this far before the election you’ll see wild swings.

If he gets the nomination the attacks will begin; they’ll be unscrupulous, vicious, shocking, and they will be effective. We know this. We’ve seen it too many times before. That fat piece of shit Jerome Corsi will write another book, older voters will be hammered with Socialism!!, the squishies who watch TV will be shown a doddering old man.

And, I need to say this, Sanders could be a better retail candidate. He could cut his hair, he could figure out that shaking his first doesn’t look so good at his evident age, he could sound more visionary than angry.

OK I need to get out of here and get in a workout, I start a new job tomorrow and I am going to be busy. Thanks again for your response but it isn’t me you need to convince. One of the biggest reasons I had for leaving the USA was the fact that a nation that would put Sarah Palin in the vice presidency is a nation beyond saving.

We need to win this one, or there will be nothing left. You have to vote for the Democratic nominee even if it isn’t Sanders, otherwise you are voting tot Trump, voting for a dead world.

Edit: I want to respond to one piece of your response. You said that people voted for Trump because the Democrats have betrayed them. If that is a factor at all it’s a small one; I remember Hubert Humphrey and Robert Kennedy so I know how far they’ve fallen. You’re projecting. But.

Yes some voted for Trump out of what we’ve come to call economic anxiety, seeing the jobs disappearing and their downward mobility. But this is overplayed. These people mostly regret their vote and now are doubly betrayed as Trump has done nothing but talk and lies.

Most people voted for. Trump because they’re bigots, and so is he. Mocking a partially paralyzed reporter, blaming immigrants, tough talk and grievances, this is what the vermin voted for.. This is not an opinion, it’s amply born out by studies.

Yes the Democrats need to return to their labor-supporting roots. That is starting, but that is not why Trump won.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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