Aside: referring to “your manager” as “they” makes your article difficult to read, I kept looking at previous sentences to see if I’d missed something. I know this is fashionable right now because of that “gender neutral language” horseshit but it really doesn’t … work. It’s a dumb fad. “They” is plural. “Manager” is singular. You can argue but bottom line is that it made your writing hard to read.

OK. Not many of us quit to get a little more money, certainly not for 15%. If I’m making 120K in a job I’m tired of then 138K is going to let me save/spend a little more chances are it will mostly go to palliatives because the job has otherwise not changed.

On my last gig both of we developers quit because we were working for a lead whom we couldn’t stand. A lying buzzword-hose who was technically inferior to both of us. More money is always nice but the stress of taking orders from a guy we couldn’t respect was painful and I would have sought to alleviate that pain with the stimulus of buying things.

One place I worked had announcements from overhead speakers, mostly the same person being asked to call one of two phone extensions; decades later I can still remember both numbers. We all hated it. One guy who was critical to the company’s development plans had enough and quit. They appealed to him; more money wouldn’t do it. He finally agreed to stay on condition that the overhead announcements stopped.

If I was working at some place that told me to do pair programming I would quit on the spot. Refusing to pair program would not be enough; any company stupid enough to force developers to participate in this sadistic, emotionally corrosive, and utterly unproductive practice is a company so badly managed that it’s time to go.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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