Anyone using Medium as a source of software development counsel would think that the core of our work is testing, specifically unit testing under TDD, not development.

It’s simply astonishing the extent to which our industry has lost its way. I see you read one of my articles, the what-you-missed (thank you); I make the same points from a variety of angles in other articles. Most of the articles about “the difference between junior and senior developers” focus on allegiance to and reverence for a few awesomely stupid ideas. Agile, scrum … but the one that really sticks out is pair programming, a sadistic practice that puts focus and concentration completely out of reach but puts a lot of developers into psychotherapy.

I’m one of those people who can handle large responsibilities and large amounts of detail. I prefer to work alone and uninterrupted. Thirty years ago good software management was centered around enabling exactly these conditions.

Now? I had one manager tell me on Slack that he wouldn’t want me on his “team” (uh, ‘scuse me, we’re not playing football) because I am an “individualistic” programmer and my preference for my own office with a closed door would bring “toxicity” to his “team.” This is of course after he made sure I knew that he has the power to hire and fire.

The fact that I can be relied on to do good work and take on whole features singlehandedly mattered less than the fact that I wouldn’t fit in well with their alcohol-fueled morale sessions.

The day after my single session of pair programming I resigned my position at Microsoft effective immediately and after my next job and their adoption of scrum I packed it in and left. Left the country. I will not work onsite ever again, not with three recurring meetings every day, not with “refactoring” and “technical debt” and “stories.” I’ve worked from home for ten years now and I will not ever go back to the manure pit the software industry has become.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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