Agile seems to deliberately put obstacles in our path. Extra meetings that seem little more than ceremonial, project-tracking as more important than development. That pretentiously named “manifesto” explicitly deprecates documents and promotes a bizarre social aspect of our work. I don’t WANT to cultivate “relationships” in a “team,” I want to put on my headphones, turn the lights off and focus. I want one meeting per week, I want to do status updates in email.

I don’t really believe in full stack, sorry, I think browser work is too complicated now and that while it’s possible to do both, it’s not possible to be excellent at both unless one has the intellect of Isaac Newton.

And TDD is so loaded with fanatics that it sickens me to even talk to them. All this stuff just seems to be for very junior people who have grown up with channel-surfing and games, have never known what it’s like to concentrate, and likely never will. The probably can’t finish reading a book and they think having three meetings a day is normal.

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