A quick skim, not an in-depth read.

1) I hate trying to concentrate while being watched. While some idiot half my age and a quarter my experience sniffs fidgets and makes misleading suggestions. This has gotten worse and worse over time to the point that I planned to retire at 56 (after a year of total boredom in as new country, I went back to work strictly freelancing) rather than ever do another whiteboard interview

2) any mention of pair programming in any context other than "we don't do that shit here" means the interview is over. I leave without another word, even the most perfunctory "thank you for your time." The interviewer can talk to my back but I will not answer.

Pair programming is an obscenity. Three hours of it in 2009 left me with PTSD; I quit my Microsoft job the next morning and I ended up in counseling. I am happy to report that the manager who made me do it died 18 months later.

But PP has nothing to do with whiteboard interviewing.

I’ve been a developer since 1988. Whiteboarding seemed stupid then, it’s stupider now. When I interviewed prospective hires I never once sent the interviewee to the whiteboard; we would talk about thing like when to optimize and when not to. Anyone whose focus was on team conformity got the thumb down; I wanted people who weren't afraid to disagree and who could defend their views.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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