A few oversights.

1. Trump’s descent into irrelevance is about to accelerate. He is facing a rapidly-growing pile of indictments and will soon be occupied in court appearances, answering subpoenas he can no longer ignore. He won’t win them all.

2. His health, body and mind, is failing fast. He is gravely obese, looks much older than his 74 years, is colonically incontinent and wears a diaper. He has rapidly advancing dementia and cannot read a speech without straying into self-praise and grievances. In trying to blame the insurrection attempt of January 6 on a fictitious organization he showed that he has lost contact with reality.

3. About half the legislative GOP now recognizes him as pure liability ands is no longer afraid of his tweets or his ability to fund primaries against them.

I just wish the news media would stop talking about him.

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