A few good ones. Kudos for #12, it disgusts me seeing someone who is supposed to be in IT using a mouse for some operation like opening a file that has had the same keyboard shortcut everywhere for over 30 years. I liked tethering my mouse almost out of reach so when someone else had to do something on my machine I could enjoy his utter helplessness. I can use visual studio all day and never touch a mouse.

You show signs of having learned from experience, so how can you possibly believe in TDD? It took me half a second after hearing about it to recognize the basic flaw, and the more I learned the worse it got.

I skimmed but I didn’t see anything about optimization, which remains highly overemphasized in our work. Stability is much more important.

I would add

66) work in a broad variety of frameworks from embedded devices with low RAM and weak processors all the way up to globally distributed systems.

0) write legible code and don’t fall for that “subjective” crap

Edit: I read more carefully. You endorse pair programming. That undermines and invalidates everything else you wrote.

Pair programming cannot possibly work because it puts concentration out of reach and it puts people into psychotherapy. I would make it illegal; the one time I had to do it I quit my job the next day and eleven years later I am seeing a counselor trying to put the experience behind me.

If you advise people to pair program you couldn’t do a better job of self-marginalization if you advised them to pluck out an eye.

I suspect I go back a lot further than you; I’ve been a developer since 1988. I remember when software companies understood how vital it was that we are able to concentrate.

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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