10. Tailor your resume for each job you apply for

Awesomely bad advice. It's the cover letter that is tailored to the job, not the CV. Your CV represents your working past, which is immutable so changing it for each job is lying. And I would never work at a place that would waste my time with agile or scrum.

11. Add a section for your personal interests

A section on personal interests can only hurt you. I speak several languages, I play classical guitar and appreciate classical music; a manager who also likes classical is not going to be impressed and a manager who listens to pop is going to see me as some sort of elitist. There is very little one can say here that has more chance of helping than hurting.

I have been advised again and again and again to omit this section.

Applicant Tracking System

I would add another entry: get past ATS any way you can, fair or foul, unless you can bypass recruiters and reach the hiring manager. Recruiters are the laziest and stupidest people in the world. They don’t read your resume (a lot of them barely speak English); they run it, and all the others they receive, through an Applicant Tracking System that was apparently written by a fifth grader. Then they Just Click on the ones with the most keyword matches between the resume and job description.

You have ten years in “Amazon Web Services.” The job description wants “AWS.” You don’t match. You don’t get considered. Yes it really is that bad.

So at the bottom of my CV I have a long list of those keywords, in invisible one-point white text on a white background, so the comatose recruiters don’t see them but the software does. My list includes both skills I have and skills I don’t. I DO NOT lie to interviewers but I get past recruiters’ idiotic filter and their idiotic minds. Recruiters are impediments. The point is to get to the interview so you can show your mettle, not to get blocked by some fool from “the fastest-growing recruiting agency in the universe.”

Double Job Titles

A question for you. I am both a developer of 31 years experience and a technical writer. I list both job titles on the same CV, since developers who can write are highly regarded by good managers. I have had Tech Writer as a job title a few times but most of my writing work has been part of development jobs, so a Technical Writer resume would be fairly sparse. Thoughts?

American Software Developer living in Vietnam. Classical musician (guitar, woodwinds), weightlifter, multilingual, misanthrope • XY

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